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An integrated Air Transport System

Safe, Efficient, growth-capable

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Profitable and Sustainable Low Altitude Economy


Responsible Transport (aimed at: The Public/Human Development)

Mobility is freedom. Our next step ensuring this freedom for a growing demographic will be safe and ecologically sound. Less Infrastructure. Less mass to be moved. Less energy consumed. Green energy.


Maximized Airspace Potential (aimed at: Local Sceptics, Public Representatives)

We love blue skies. Maximizing the throughput of air vehicles minimizes the volume of corridors required. We promise to keep it that way. With a minimum of noise and visual cluttering.


Equitable, Diversified Use (aimed at: Operators)

Fair access to the roads in the sky. At transparent cost. A necessity for vehicle operators. Manned and unmanned, piloted and remote piloted vehicles will happily coexist. We assure equitability and flexibility.


Efficient, Automated Flight (aimed at: Users, Private & Commercial)

Optimum benefits of the new transport era require scaled operations. Scaled operations need reasonable pricing. Reasonable pricing comes with automation. The public expects nothing less. We deliver.


Sensible Land Use (aimed at: City Responsibles & Planners)

Easy access to transport infrastructure is fundamental. Modular and space-efficient vertiports with adequate charging infrastructure, fully integrated into the digital ecosystem are a must. Integration with existing transport modes is feasible. We make life easier for city planners.


Efficient, Automated Flight (aimed at: Aviation Authorities)

Solving the riddle of automation, efficiency and safety: human control of air vehicles has reached its limits. We provide certifiable automation based on deterministic, algorithmic AI.

Our Vision

Automated Air Mobility is proven to be an economically prudent and ecologically sustainable expansion of ground traffic. Enabling human development and the freedom of mobility in areas in which expansion of ground transport is not viable, due to existing gridlock or the fiscal and environmental cost of land-bound infrastructure.

Our Mission

Lead scalable Air Mobility through accelerated automation with operating proof in a globally relevant application before the end of the decade.

Our Strategy

Combine all required actors under one commercial entity, enabling a comprehensive and integrated offering.

Facilitate the world’s first unified and automated AAM digital traffic management and control platform.

Enable early operations in real-life settings by stepping through an increasingly capable sequence of sandbox, cargo and passenger-carrying operations.

Fast track to the Low Altitude Economy

We are currently on the brink of a new area of mobility.

For hundreds of years, congestion and pollution is affecting cities and their inhabitants. Artikel


Hundreds of eVTOL companies (electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Vehicles) around the globe work on this new means of transport. China has first operations, UAE announced starting operations by 2025 and we can observe varying approaches toward operation in almost any country.

Hundreds of thousands of people already work in this industry: OEMs, drone manufacturers, drone pilots, developers, Air Traffic managers, vertiport companies, infrastructure developers, energy providers and many more.

Government and regulatory bodies all over the world are working hard on safe solutions for system integration. They all face a similar issue: there is no blueprint for this new kind of mobility. And with operations within cities, safety and security concerns need to be treated with utmost diligence.


We at SALAAM believe in a joint approach. Developing an integrated system that allows the implementation of all kinds of different air vehicles and drones and their corresponding operations-types. A system that is highly automated, safe and scalabke. A system that has a credible roadmap towards ubiquity.


We believe in Advanced Air Mobility as a path to the future.

Let us tackle the challenges together and open this new era of individual Air Mobility.




with all required players for a comprehensive solution



welcoming additional actors and contributors



with a roadmap offering scalability towards ubiquity



local development for global application



lead the development of a new means of transport

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